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Военная историяGermany's Panther Tank: The Quest for Combat Supremacy

Germany's Panther Tank: The Quest for Combat Supremacy
Germany's Panther Tank: The Quest for Combat Supremacy
By Thomas L. Jentz, Hilary L. Doyle

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd 2004 160 Pages
ISBN: 0887408125

I was truly in awe when I first flipped through the pages of this book. Mr. Jentz's book on the german WWII Panter tank must contain answers to every question I ever had about the tank. Included are technical details and history of every version deployed on the fronts, as well as concepts that were in design at war's end. Brief combat experiences told by allied soldiers that had confronted Panther's on the western front bring also a nice feel what it was to stare at the barrel of this metal monster.
The book contains a huge amount of photos from both inside and outside the tank. One can take a virtual tour of the Tank's turret, engine compartment and hull by skimming through the pages. Closeup images of rarer equipment, like infra-red searchlight systems highlight the book. The only downside I can imagine is that the book takes a very technical approach. If you are looking for a history combat experience, you might be disappointed.

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