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Военная историяHalberstadt CL.II

Halberstadt CL.II
Halberstadt CL.II (Windsock Datafile 27)
By Peter M. Grosz

Publisher: Albatros Productions Limited 1991 39 Pages
ISBN: 0948414316

The Halherstadt GUI was designed in response to an Idflieg (Inspektion der Fliegertruppen = Inspectorate of Aviation Troops) specification issued in August 1916 for a new 'light C-type' powered by a 160-180 hp engine. The purpose was to create a two-seat escort fighter (Schutzflugzeug) to protect heavier observation aircraft from attack by Allied aircraft. Since achieving fighter-like performance was the primary objective, Idflieg stipulated that the airframe weight be reduced by 250-260 kg from that of a standard C-class biplane powered by a 220-260 hp engine. While many German aircraft firms responded to the Idflieg specification, only Halherstadt and Hannover were successful in achieving quantity .production of the light C-type: the Halherstadt CUI and CUV and the somewhat larger Hannover CUI and Cl.III/IIIa.
The Halberstddter Flugzeugwerke GmbH was incorporated in April 1912 under the name of the Deutsche Bristol Werke Flugzeug Gesellschaf mbH, a joint venture financed by German businessmen and the Bristol company in England. Deutsche Bristol began by building the Bristol Boxkite and the Bristol-Prier monoplane before switching to indigenous designs. Nearly all early Halherstadt aircraft were intended for the subsidiary flying school that was largely supported by German military funds. The company name was changed in September 1914. In 1913-1914, Halherstadt built a variety of training aircraft (A.I, A.II, B.I — B.III) and in late 1915 brought out a successful fighter series (D.l - D.III and D.V, powered by 100 to 120 hp engines) designed by the Halherstadt technical director Dipl-IngKar Theis. Although Theis' D.IV fighter (150 hp Benz Bz.III engine) was rejected by Idflieg in October 1916, many of the salient features were incorporated in the Halherstadt CUI.

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