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Военная историяThe Boer Wars (2): 1898-1902

The Boer Wars (2): 1898-1902
Автор: Ian Knight
Название: The Boer Wars (2): 1898-1902 (Men-at-arms 303)
Издательство: Osprey Publishing
Год: 1997
Формат: PDF
Размер: 16.34 Мб
Для сайта: www.eknigi.org
On 11 October 1899 the Second Boer War between the British and the Boers began. The war saw the most powerful professional army in the world pitted against the unconventional tactics of the undisciplined Boers. Although the Boers were finally forced to surrender in May 1902 the war had taken its toll on their opponents who lost some 8,000 troops killed in action with a further 13,000 dying from disease. This book covers the organisation, uniforms and very different tactics involved in the conflict, from guerrilla warfare to a final war of attrition that the Boers could not hope to win.

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