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Военная историяSpecial Forces Camps in Vietnam 1961 - 70

Special Forces Camps in Vietnam 1961 - 70
Special Forces Camps in Vietnam 1961 - 70 (Fortress 33)
By Gordon L. Rottman

Publisher: Os Publishing 2005 64 Pages
ISBN: 1841768391

In 1961 US Special Forces units began entering remote areas of Vietnam dominated by the Viet Cong. Their task was to organize local defense and strike forces aimed at stopping the enemy from gaining further control of such areas. The Green Berets set up fortified camps from which indigenous troops defended local villages and attacked and harassed the enemy. How these camps were constructed, developed, and defended is documented here for the first time. This book also covers the weapons, barriers, and obstacles used in these camps, providing specific examples of camp design, and details how they withstood the test of battle against a determined and resourceful enemy.

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