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Военная историяWiking 1941 - 1945

Wiking 1941 - 1945
Wiking 1941 - 1945 (Militaria 186)
By Jacek Solarz

Publisher: Wydawnictwo Militaria 2003 84 Pages
ISBN: 8372191670

Using a campaign lightening warfare in the summer of 1940, the German army captured Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland and France. A time of occupation began for the defeated countries. Some residents accept­ed this with humility, while others, with the help of Great Britain, took to armed or other resistance against the occupiers. There were many who also saw the German victory as a chance to realize their own businesses interests and political agen­das. This was facilitated by the fact that the vic­tors began their occupation through seeking sup­port from active fascist movements in the van­quished countries.

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