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Военная историяTime Commanders: Great Battles of the Ancient World

Time Commanders: Great Battles of the Ancient World
Time Commanders: Great Battles of the Ancient World
By Peter Harrison

Publisher: Virgin Books 2004 160 Pages
ISBN: 0753509288

Time Commanders, the TV game show from the BBC and Lion Television, features teams of contestants battling against a computer loaded with the tactics of the greatest military minds of all time. With famous battles from history and contestants from all walks of life - while members of the public try to control one army through a computer simulation, the other army acts as we know from the sources that it did - the show has proved popular. Time Commanders: Great Battles of the Ancient World covers sixteen battles of the Ancient World: from Caesar to Spartacus; from the Hittites to the Carthaginians; from Boudicca to Attila the Hun; from Alexander the Great to Rameses II. The book also includes information on the main protagonists, the weapons of war, improving technology and the sources. With graphics from the show and a timeline showing the worldwide background to each battle, relevant websites and a good bibliography, this is much more than a TV tie-in - it is a truly accessible history reference book for adults and children alike.

About the Author
Originally an editor, Peter Harrison is now a freelance editor and writer of non-fiction. His titles include Discover: The Wild West, Investigations: Inventions and Investigations: Cars, An Introduction to Claude Monet and An Introduction to Vincent Van Gogh. He lives in London.

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