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Военная историяEncyclopedia of Holocaust Literature

Encyclopedia of Holocaust Literature
Автор: коллектив авторов
Название: Encyclopedia of Holocaust Literature
Издательство: Oryx Press
Год: 2002
Формат: pdf
Размер: 2 Mb
Язык: английский
Arranged alphabetically by author, all of the entries answer the same basic questions about the author and his or her work: What is the nature of the author's literary response to the Holocaust? What is his or her place in Holocaust literature? What does the author's work contribute to an understanding of the Holocaust? What is distinctive about the author's work? What are some key moments in the author's life? What issues does the author's work pose for the reader? To address these questions, the entries are generally organized into three primary divisions: an opening section on why the author's work has a significant or distinctive place in Holocaust literature, a second section containing information on the author's biography, and a critical examination of the highlights of the author's work. In most cases, the third section is the longest, since the focus of the encyclopedia is the literature, not the author. The Encyclopedia is intended for all students and teachers of the Holocaust, regardless of their levels of learning. Avenues for further research are incorporated at the conclusion of each entry and in a comprehensive bibliography of primary works of Holocaust literature and a second bibliography of critical studies of Holocaust literature.

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