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Военная историяF-100 Super Sabre in Colour

F-100 Super Sabre in Colour
F-100 Super Sabre in Colour (Fighting Colors 6565)
By Robert Robinson, David W. Menard

Publisher: Squadron/Signal Publications 1992 34 Pages
ISBN: 0897472845

This Second World War Fighter Group was first activated in England on 12 September 1942. formed from a nucleus of former members of the RAF Eagle Squadrons. The 4th served in combat from October of 1942 until April of 1945 and destroyed more enemy aircraft in the air and on the ground than any other Fighter Group in the Eighth Air Force. The Group operated Spitfires, then P-47s (March 1943) and finally P-51s (April 1944). In 1945 the 4th Fighter Group returned to the United States and was deactivated.
On 9 September 1947 the group was activated once again and equipped with F-80s, converting to the F-86A during 1949. Now redesignated as the 4th Fighter Interceptor Group, it deployed to Joh nson Air Base, Japan in December of 1950 and to Suwon. Korea, during March of 1951. The Group was once more in combat in Korea when it distinguished itself and added to the number of aces on its rolls.
The 4th remained in the Far East until December of 1957 when it returned to the United States and was based at Scymore Johnson AFB, North Carolina, arriving on 8 December 1957. The unit was now designated 4th Fighter Day Wing and, in 1958, the four squad­rons assigned to the Wing began to receive F-lOOCs. These squad­rons were the 333rd (Red), 334th (Blue), 335th (Green) and 336th (Yellow). Unit identification markings consisted of a band around the aircraft's intake and a broad horizontal band across the vertical tail in the appropriate squadron color, bordered in cither White or Black with the wing tips also painted in the unit color.

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