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Военная историяGriffon-Powered Spitfires

Griffon-Powered Spitfires
Griffon-Powered Spitfires (Warbird Tech 32)
By Kev Darling

Publisher: Specialty Press 2001 107 Pages
ISBN: 1580070450

In the eyes of many people the Griffon-powered Spitfires and their derivatives were the epito­me of grace. In contrast to the more rounded contours of the earlier Mer­lin Spitfires the greater angularity of the later types exuded a sense of greater power. Added to the struc­tural changes was the ability to carry an increased variety of weapons at faster speeds and longer distances.
All, however, was not that success­ful as the last manifestation of the design would prove. The Spiteful and Seafang undertook their maiden flights just as the jet age was getting into full swing and for all their lami­nar flow wings and other refine­ments they could not compete on level terms as a succession of jet fighters entered service with the Royal Air Force. With their demise came the end of the Spitfire line, although the wing technology was to reappear again on the jet-powered Supermarine Attacker for the Fleet Air Arm.

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