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Военная историяAmerican Frontier Lawmen 1850 -1930

American Frontier Lawmen 1850 -1930
American Frontier Lawmen 1850 -1930 (Elite 96)
By Charles M. Robinson

Publisher: Os Publishing 2005 72 Pages
ISBN: 1841765759

In the 1840s, gold had officially been discovered in California, and many men made their way out West in search of riches. The early mining camps were dangerous places full of violence and crime. Law and order was needed, and the Vigilante Committee became the first organized deliverer of justice in these turbulent new towns. As more and more people headed out West, and many new towns sprang up, a more official system of law was needed. From the days of the California Gold Rush to the killing of Bill Tilghman, the last of the traditional frontier lawmen, this book discusses the men that shaped law and order in the 'Wild, Wild West'.

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