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Военная историяThe War in Chechnya

The War in Chechnya
The War in Chechnya
By Stasys Knezys, Romanas Sedlickas

Publisher: TAMU Press 1999 384 Pages
ISBN: 089096856X
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Knezys and Sedlickas, both of Lithuanian descent, show deep knowledge and concern for a region much in the news with historic ethnic struggles for independence. The authors provide an excruciatingly detailed account of the Chechen's successful resistance to the latest Russian military incursion, timely reading given the struggles that continue in that part of the world. They examine historic Chechnya, its ethnic culture, and its long fight against Russian imperialism. The inclusion of coverage on the historic internal animosity between the Chechen flatlanders and mountain dwellers points up the myriad conflicts in this part of the world, which, in this scenario, contributed to outcomes in the battle against Russia. The authors also note that the war in Chechnya illustrates the continued strong desire for independence among small ethnic groups and the aimlessness of superpower interventions that make their efforts, despite technological superiority, no match for nationalistic fervor. The authors include maps of the embattled region (down to street level) and outline military strategies.

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