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Военная историяGerman Infantry In WWII

German Infantry In WWII
German Infantry In WWII (Warmachines 16)
By Nick Adams

Publisher: Verlinden 1994 36 Pages

A unique look at the uniforms and equipment used by the front line soldiers of Nazi Germany during WWII in stunning colour photography, as re-enacted by the Second Battle Group (Waffen-SS) and Fallschirmjger historical re-enactors. This book is like looking through a window to the past, complete with Kbelwagen, Schwimmwagen, 20 mm Flak 38, Zundapp KS600, and Tatra OT-810 (Sd.Kfz 251). The photographs convey the effectiveness of the Camouflage uniforms, as well as the gloomy atmosphere experienced by the fighting men. Many authentic depictions of various activities are shown to great affect. This very interesting book is invaluable to scale modelers, figure painters, military enthusiasts, re-enactors, and historians.

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