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Военная историяMiG-21 Units of the Vietnam War [Osprey Combat Aircraft 29]

MiG-21 Units of the Vietnam War [Osprey Combat Aircraft 29]
Автор: István Toperczer:
Название: MiG-21 Units of the Vietnam War [Osprey Combat Aircraft 29]:
Серия: Osprey Combat Aircraft 29:
Издательство: Osprey Publishing Ltd:
Страниц: 100:
Язык: Английский:
Год: 2001:
Формат: pdf:
Размер: 52,9 Mb:

Описание (About this book): Having honed their piloting skills on the subsonic MiG-17 and transonic MiG-19, the Vietnamese Peoples’ Air Force (VPAF) received their first examples of the legendary MiG-21 supersonic fighter in 1966. Soon thrown into combat over North Vietnam, the guided-missile equipped MiG-21 proved a deadly opponent for the USAF, Navy and Marine Corps crews striking at targets deep into communist territory. Most of the VPAF’s 12+ aces scored their bulk of their kills in the MiG-21, which was then the best fighter produced by Russia’s premier fast jet manufacturer, Mikoyan Gurevich. Well over 200 MiG-21s were supplied to the VPAF, and the numerous models and the schemes they wore are chronicled in great detail in this unique volume.

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Размер: 52.89 Mb(cкачиваний: 2)

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