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Военная историяThe Armies of Bactria 700 BC - 450 AD (2)

The Armies of Bactria 700 BC - 450 AD (2)
The Armies of Bactria 700 BC - 450 AD (2)
By Valerii Nikonorov, Rory Little, Alexander Sil'nov

Publisher: Montvert Publications 1997 80 Pages
ISBN: 1874101108

Bactrian warfare within the chronological limits proposed has never been comprehensively examined as a whole. The ambition of this two-volume work is to fill this gap by using all of the available source material to reconstruct the history and development of such fundamental components of warfare as martial equipment and costume, armed forces, battle tactics and the structure of military organisation, which took place in Bactria from the Early Iron Age up to the commencement of what might be called Early Medieval times. Major periods covered are the Ancient, the Achaemenid, the Hellenistic, the Yiieh-chih, the Great Kushan and the Late Kushan or Kushano-Sasanian and Kidarite.

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