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Военная историяAmerican Airlines

American Airlines
American Airlines
By Simon Forty

Publisher: Plymouth Toy & Book 1998 96 Pages
ISBN: 1882663217

American Airlines is one of the biggest scheduled passenger carriers in the world and has one of the largest fleets in the world. It is owned by the AMR Corporation, whose company headquarters are at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Texas. The Airline Group consists of American's passenger and cargo divisions and AMR Eagle Inc. a subsidiary of AMR.
American Airlines' international operation is supported by a vast domestic network; local feeder services are provided by American Eagle which has four feeder subsidiaries — Executive Airlines. Flagship Airlines, Simmons Airlines and Wings West Airlines. These companies work smaller operations with a connecting turboprop service reaching out into every corner of the United States.
To run this colossal network American employs around 85,000 people, mostly at home in the United States, but also many foreign nationals. It operates a fleet of about 650 aircraft to nearly 200 cities around the world on 2,260 daily flights. American Eagle has a further 1,386 daily flights to 125 regional airports within the United States and the Caribbean, operating from six of American's high-traffic cities.
American's Cargo Division is one of the largest scheduled air freight carriers in the world, with a full range of freight and mail services. In addition, by agreeing co­operative arrangements with other carriers. American Cargo has the ability to transport shipments to virtually every country in the world.
American Airlines had an annual revenue of $16,900 million in 1996, gathered from 80 million passengers and 640,000 tonnes of cargo. In May 1991 American flew its one billionth passenger and acquired invaluable Heathrow landing slots from bankruptcy-threatened TWA.

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