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Военная историяHeinkel 100, 112

Heinkel 100, 112
Heinkel 100, 112 (Aero 12)
By Uwe Feist, R. S. Hisrch

Publisher: Aero Publishers 1967 54 Pages
ISBN: 081680544X

Like the Lockheed aircraft of the late twenties and early Thirties, the Heinkel monoplanes bore a certain resemblance to each other which unmistakably identified Them with their manufacturer. And ironically, the first group of single engine monoplanes produced by the Ernst Heinkel Flugzeug Getriebwerk was in­tended as a local competitor to the Lockheed "Orion", which had recently been purchased by Switzerland and put into passenger service
The plane was the He 70. but it began before that with the development and manufacture of the He 64, which was a light sport plane using an inverted "Gipsy" air cooled engine. This sport plane was very notice­able at the summer European contests of 1930 and 1931. During The summer of 1931. the Heinkel Com­pany of Warnemunde started work on The He 70 project. It was a single engine four-passenger plane with a crew of Two and looked like a hybrid of a Lockheed "Orion" with a Curtiss Conqueror engine installed with the wings and gear of the He 1 12 fighter later developed The He 70 was equipped with a BMW VI engine of 640 hp which produced a top speed of 226 m.p.h and a landing speed of 68 mp h At 65 percent power it could cruise at 203 m.p.h. With Heinkel test pilot, Werner Funck. at the controls it promptly set an international 100 km closed course speed record for the 500 kg. (1 100 lbs.) payload class aircraft with an average speed of 216 m.p.h . heating the one held by a Lockheed "Vega"
The shape of these Heinkel planes was unmistakably the work of the Kark Schwarzler and the Gunter Twins {Siegfried and Walter) design team. The He 112 wing and landing gear was a direct descendant of the He 70 with the wing being full cantilever construction and elliptical in shape with diminishing chord, thickness and curvature and having a slightly negative dehedral (anahedrall at the root giving an inverted gull look.

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