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Военная историяNorth American F-86A-L Sabre in USAF & Foreign Service

North American F-86A-L Sabre in USAF & Foreign Service
North American F-86A-L Sabre in USAF & Foreign Service (Aircam Aviation 017)
By Ernest R Mcdowell

Publisher: Osprey 1970 53 Pages
ISBN: 0850450195

North American Aviation, after producing the out-s:anding American fighter of World War II in its P-51 Mustang, followed up this success when it entered the jet propulsion field and turned out the F-86 Sabre, which went on to become the best fighter of the Korean conflict.
Like the P-51, which owed its existence to the R.A.F., the F-86 likewise owed its design to another service, in this case the U.S. Navy. North America's first jet design (NA-134) which had begun in the fall of 1944 was in­tended to be a carrier fighter. The Navy placed an order for three prototypes of the XFJ-1 on 1st January, 1945. This was the first order that North American had ever received from the Navy for a fighter.
A design study was initiated on 22nd November, 1944 (as RD-1265), by North American with the goal of producing a new design based on the NA-134 which would interest the Air Force. It was hoped that the elimination of the specialized equipment required by the Navy might improve performances enough to attract Air Force interest. This design, the NA-140, resulted in an order for three prototype aircraft to be designated the XP-86 by the Air Force.

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