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Военная историяFokker D.VI

Fokker D.VI
Fokker D.VI (Windsock Datafile 84)
By Peter M. Grosz

Publisher: Albatros Productions Ltd 2000 35 Pages
ISBN: 1902207262

With the publication of this DATAFILE (apologies if you were expecting the Short 184, but a last minute North Sea reconnaissance took longer than we thought and it lands next January) our unri­valled coverage of WWI front-line Fokker fighters is now almost complete. The Fokker D.VI never saw extensive wartime service, only a handful of units operating the type, but it did serve well as a trainer, giving fledgling pilots useful experience in handling rotary engine-powered fighters. Although the available D.VI photo record is limited, Peter Grosz supports his narrative with a fine col­lection of photographs and contemporary drawings while Marty Digmayer provides modellers with extremely detailed scale plans for both V 13/1 and production D.VI aeroplanes.

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