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Военная историяAviatik C.I

Aviatik C.I
Aviatik C.I (Windsock Datafile 63)
By Peter M. Grosz

Publisher: Albatros Productions Limited 1997 35 Pages
ISBN: 0948414952

The early Aviatiks with their gently swept-back wings, heart-shaped tails and distinctive comma
rudders performed valuable and various tasks from mid 1915 onwards. Alongside the LVG C.I and Albatros CI, the Aviatik C.I was used on bombing missions, photographic reconnaissance and spotting for the artillery.
The C.I pilot sat in the rear cockpit with the observer occupying the front seat, his machine gun clipped to a
sliding bar mounting either side of the fuselage. In operational use the shortcomings of this arrangement were not considered a serious problem but rear gun positions proved more effective as the pace of air combat increased. Nearly 550 Aviatik C.I biplanes were produced by the parent firm and Hannover, the type soldiering on as a trainer well into 1918.

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