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Военная историяSdKfz 251 in Action

SdKfz 251 in Action
SdKfz 251 in Action (Armor in Action 21)
By Charles Kliment

Publisher: Squadron Signal Publications 1981 52 Pages
ISBN: 0897471245

The tank was developed during the first World War as a means to break the stalemate on the Western Front. Its intended function was to break through enemy lines and clear the way for following infantry. This the tanks were eventually able to do, but they were unable to exploit their success because of their low speed and poor mechanical reliabili­ty. The enemy was usually able to rush reserve troops into the break and seal the front, necessitating a series of slow and costly break-through attacks. The infantry had no pro­blem following the slow tanks during the attack, but was totally unprotected and suffered heavy casualties. The English proposed the Mark IX carrier, which was supposed to carry fifty infantrymen into battle protected by armor, but the design was still in prototype when the war ended.

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