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Военная историяFairey Swordfish

Fairey Swordfish
Fairey Swordfish (Warpaint 12)
By W.A. Harrison

Publisher: Warpaint Books Ltd 2001 44 Pages

THE Faircy Swordfish must rank as one of the most famous aircraft of World War 2. and certainly one. if not the most famous biplane in ihe history of aviation. Conceived as early as 1930 it was still operational when the war finished in 1945. By then 2,392 had been produced in three marks, carried out attacks on Ihc enemy with bombs, torpedoes, mines and rocket projectiles. They had sunk or seriously damaged 30 major enemy ships, been involved in the destruction of 12 U-boats and sunk over 35,000 tons of enemy shipping. It flew in every theatre of the war. mostly from carriers, and more often than not in the most appalling weather conditions imaginable. This was due to its exceptional handling qualities al low speed, so necessary for deck landing when the flightdeck could be raising and falling 60 feet and slewing sideways at the same time!. The Swordfish was constantly in action in its variety of roles and became something of a legend, so much so that it was no surprise to its crews that it outlived the aircraft designed to replace it - the Faircy Albacore.

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