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Военная историяNapoleon's Guns 1792 - 1815 (1): Field Artillery

Napoleon's Guns 1792 - 1815 (1): Field Artillery
Napoleon's Guns 1792 - 1815 (1): Field Artillery (New Vanguard 66)
By Rene Chartrand

Publisher: Os Publications 2003 48 Pages
ISBN: 1841764582

As a young gunner, Napoleon Bonaparte was trained in one of Europe’s finest artillery arms. Both the technological sophistication of their weaponry and the skill of their gunners was largely the result of the adoption of the system devised by one man, Jean-Baptiste Vaquette de Gribeauval. Gribeauval’s standardised system of parts and calibres allowed a degree of uniformity and sophistication in the French artillery that was unmatched throughout Europe, and allowed Napoleon to inherit and develop an arm that could dominate the battlefield. This volume covers the field artillery pieces of the system: the 4-, 8- and 12-pdr guns; light 1-pdr guns and mountain guns; and later innovations such as the 6-pdr gun.

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