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Военная историяSoviet Aces Of World War 2

Soviet Aces Of World War 2
Soviet Aces Of World War 2 (Aircraft of The Aces: Men & Legends: 3)
By Hugh Morgan

Publisher: Delprado 1999 64 Pages
ISBN: 8483722097

During the 1930s, the exploits of Chkalov with his record breaking flights, the publicity given to the rescue of the Chelyuskin sur­vivors (for which the Hero of the Soviet Union award was made for the very first time on 20 April 1934) and the examples set by epoch-making women aircrew like navigator (and later pilot) Marina Raskova, all served to inspire volunteers to join the most glamorous of the armed services in the Union of Soviet State Republics - the Air Forces. In a pub­lic climate that thrived upon the exploits of its aviation heroes, and with the political will to develop a powerful air force, military aviation in the USSR did not suffer from a lack of volunteers.
Further, the political doctrine of collective responsibility lay behind the development of a range of activities, societies and clubs for Soviet youth, who were channelled by the (Com-SoMol towards Volunteering' for future military service. Understand­ably, with the high profile of avia­tion, many moved into the air force.

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