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Военная историяThe Polish Army 1939-45 [Osprey MAA 117]

The Polish Army 1939-45 [Osprey MAA 117]
Название: The Polish Army 1939-45
Автор: Steven J. Zaloga, Richard Hook
Издательство: Osprey
Серия: Man-at-Arms
Номер выпуска: 117
ISBN: 0850454174
Год: 1982
Формат: PDF
Размер:17.04 MB

Poland was the first of the Allied nations to succumb to German aggression in the Second World War, but by the most tortuous of routes her army managed to remain in the field through all five years of bloody fighting. Polish soldiers fought in nearly every major campaign in the European theatre, and their tale is a complicated and tragic one. This richly detailed text by Steven Zaloga relates the story of the Polish Army during the Second World War, from the first wave of Stukas in 1939 to its eventual conclusion.

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