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Военная историяF-105 Thunderchief In Action

F-105 Thunderchief In Action
F-105 Thunderchief In Action (Aircraft number 185)
By Ken Neubeck

Publisher: Squadron Signal 2002 52 Pages
ISBN: 0897474473

The Republic Aircraft Company of Farmingdale, Long Island, New York was a major air­craft manufacturing company by the mid-20th Century. This firm built the P-47 Thunderbolt fighter, which saw service as a long-range escort fighter and as a fighter-bomber during World War Two. Republic entered the jet age soon after World War Two ended with the P-84 Thunderjet (redesignated F-84 in 1948). This straight-winged, single-engine fighter-bomber was delivered to United States Air Force (USAF) fighter-bomber units assigned to the newly-formed Tactical Air Command (TAC). The F-84E and F-84G variants saw extensive service during the Korean War. providing ground support for US-led United Nations (UN) troops. The straight-winged F-84 was further developed into the swept-wing F-84F Thunderstreak fighter-bomber and the RF-84F Thunderflash reconnaissance aircraft. The F-84F and RF-84F served with the USAF and Air National Guard (ANG), with the ANG retiring its last examples dur­ing the early 1970s. F-84Fs and RF-84Fs Hew with several allied air forces from the mid-1950s up until - with some countries - the early 1980s.

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