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Военная историяSaladin and the Saracens

Saladin and the Saracens
Saladin and the Saracens: Armies of the Middle East, 1100-1300 (Men-at-arms 171)
By David Nicolle

Publisher: Osprey Publishing 1996 48 Pages
ISBN: 0850456827

Salah al Din Yusif ibn Ayyub, known to his Muslim contemporaries as al Nasi, 'The Victorious', and to an admiring Europe as Saladin, is the most famous single figure in the history of the Crusades, being even better known outside the English-speaking world than his Christian foe Richard the Lionheart. Traditionally portrayed as a quiet, deeply religious and even humble man, Saladin was a typical product of his day and his culture. This title shows how the societies and military systems that he and his successors led from defeat to eventual triumph were far more sophisticated than is generally realised, and brings vividly to life the history, organisation, arms and armour of Saladin and the Saracens.

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