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Военная историяH-53 Sea Stallion In Action

H-53 Sea Stallion In Action
H-53 Sea Stallion In Action (Aicraft number 174)
By Chris Reed

Publisher: Squadron/Signal Publications Inc. 2000 52 Pages
ISBN: 0897474171

The most powerful helicopter in service with the US military, the Sikorsky H-53 has served with distinction with the Marine Corps. Air Force, and Navy since its first flight in 1964. Every major conflict since Vietnam has seen H-53s involved in some way. either bringing men and equipment into trouble spots, rescuing downed aircrews, evacuating civilians, or sweeping for mines. While older examples have been retired, the newer CH-53E and MH-53K models, together w ith the long serving and often-rebuilt Air Force PAVE LOWs. will continue in ser­vice for years to come.

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