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Военная историяF-14 Tomcat: Atlantic Squadrons

F-14 Tomcat: Atlantic Squadrons
F-14 Tomcat: Atlantic Squadrons (Colors & Markings 2)
By Bert Kinzey

Publisher: Arms and Armour P. 1985 64 Pages
ISBN: 0853686467

As the second title in the new Colors & Markings Series, this book covers the popular F-14 Tomcat. The scope of this publication is limited to the Atlantic coast squadrons. These include the Navy's opera­tional combat squadrons, land based at Oceana Naval Air Station, Virginia. Also on the Atlantic Coast is the Naval Air Test Center, located at Patuxent River, Maryland. Tomcats operated by this facility are likewise included. Finally, Grumman's plant at Beth-page, New York, also qualifies to be included here. The prototypes first flew from Grumman's runways on Long Island, so the markings of the prototypesare covered along with the Navy's operational squad­rons. A future title in this series will cover the Pacific coast squadrons, to include VX-4.

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