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Военная историяBf 109D/E Aces of the Blitzkrieg

Bf 109D/E Aces of the Blitzkrieg
Bf 109D/E Aces of the Blitzkrieg (Aircraft of the Aces: Men & Legends 5)
By John Weal

Publisher: delPrado 1999 65 Pages
ISBN: 8483722194

History is nearly 20 minutes late. Most reference sources state that World War 2 began at 05.45 hours on 1 September 1939. This was the time quoted by Adolf Hitler during his address to the Reichstag assembly shortly after 10 am on that first morning of hostilities. In rhe course of his speech, which was broadcast to the German nation, the Fiihrer had lambasted the Poles for their "continuing provocations'. He claimed to be left with no other option than to reply in kind, and therefore Tire has now been returned since 05-45 hours'.
To be precise, rhe opening rounds of 'return' fire-a salvo'of 28 cm (1 1 in) shells from the ex-World War 1 battleship Schleswig-Holstcin-did not leave their muzzles until 05.47 (04.47 hours local time). They were aimed at point-blank range at the Polish munitions store situated on the tip of the Wcsterplatte, a sandy promontory just north of the city of Danzig (Gdansk). These shots are regarded by most as the 'official' beginning of World War 2.

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