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Военная историяIraq Insurgency (1): US Army Vehicles in Action

Iraq Insurgency (1): US Army Vehicles in Action
Iraq Insurgency (1): US Army Vehicles in Action (Mini Color Series 7518)
By Carl Schulze

Publisher: Concord Publication 2006 58 Pages
ISBN: 9623611285

Between March and May 2003. U.S.-led Coalition Forces invaded Iraq to end the reign of Saddam Hussein and his ruthless regime. One reason for the Coalition's decisive and quick victory was the overwhelming strength and capabilities of the U.S. military machine, a force that is so well designed to fight and win a conventional war. During the initial assault on Iraq, some 140 U.S. troops were killed, while official sources claimed that some fifteen armored fighting vehicles like the M1A1 Abrams MBT or the M2A20DS Bradley IFV were lost to hostile fire. In military terms, it could be said that this was an acceptable toll when taking into account the fact that the forces of a whole country were totally destroyed in the brief campaign.

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