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Военная историяDornier Do.335 Pfeil

Dornier Do.335 Pfeil
Dornier Do.335 Pfeil (Aero Series 9)
By H.Nowarra & E.Maloney

Publisher: Aero Publishers 1966 54 Pages
ISBN: 0816806326

During World War II the German aircraft in­dustry developed many outstanding military aircraft. In this stable of modern and unique aircraft was the most unconventional piston engine design to come out of the war. The Dornier Do-335 "Arrow" (Pfeil) featured a unique push-pull engine combination.
In 1942 the Technical Office of the German Air Ministry issued a request for a high speed bomber of twin engine design. Such an air­craft was already at hand—the Heinkel He-219 —but Ernest Heinkel was in disfavor by the Ger­man Air Ministry (R.L.M.) and his design was rebuffed. The design request was sent only to Junkers, Arado, and Dornier. All three firms undertook the project, but only the initial Dornier P-231 design was accepted.
In 1937 Claude Dornier took out patent rights on a push-pull engine aircraft. In 1940 he gave an order to Ulrich Hutter, a well known glider designer, to build an aircraft with an en­gine in front and another engined mounted on the aft fuselage driving a pusher propeller. This tandem engine design was to be used as a prototype design aircraft for future push-pull aircraft. Hutter drew experience from the Dor­nier Do-17 "Flying Pencil" for fuselage design and from the Dornier "Wal" flying boats.

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