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Военная историяA-7 Corsair II

A-7 Corsair II
A-7 Corsair II (Detail & Scale 3)
By Bert Kinzey

Publisher: Detail & Scale 1979 53 Pages
ISBN: 0830685324

The A-7 is a popular aircraft with just about everyone. U.S. Navy and Air Force pilots seem to be quite fond of it, ground crews like its easy maintainability, and with modelers it seems to be a popular subject. This modeling popularity will un­doubtedly increase now that three new kits of the A-7 have been released in l/48th scale. These kits represent all major single-seat versions of the aircraft.
In combat over SEA, the Corsair II compiled a remarkable record of survivability and operational readiness. Its operational capabilities, particularly its great range and endurance on only its internal fuel, made it a superior performer that won it the praise and affection of everyone who was connected with it. However it did not become the headline grabber that the F-4s did when fighting the MiGs, or that the F-105s did in their extended bombing compaigns over North Vietnam. The A-7 did not become operational until later in the war, particularly with the USAF, so its time in combat was less than that of the F-105, and less glamorous than that of the MiG fighting F-4. But in the time it did serve, the A-7 did a dirty, thank­less job extremely well. It operated in the worst weather and against the most formidable air defenses ever assembled, and came through it with a survivability record that is nothing short of phenomenal.

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