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Военная историяThe German Army: Blitzkrieg 1939-41

The German Army: Blitzkrieg 1939-41
The German Army: Blitzkrieg 1939-41 (Fighting Men 6001)
By Gordon L. Rottman, Ron Volstad

Publisher: Concord Publications 1995 50 Pages
ISBN: 9623616015

As the seemingly unstoppable German juggernaut tore through the heart of Europe, battled on the sands of Africa, and flooded across the steppes of Russia, much of the world girdled itself to resist the Blitzkrieg-the Lightening War. There was no secret to the initial German successes. The newly developed combined arms force-panzer, artillery, infantry, Luftwaffe-coupled with well planned operations from an effective command and control system, lead to the success of the German Army during the early years of WWII.....

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