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Военная историяVietnam: U.S. Uniforms in Colour Photographs

Vietnam: U.S. Uniforms in Colour Photographs
Vietnam: U.S. Uniforms in Colour Photographs (Europa Militaria 3)
By Kevin Lyles

Publisher: The Crowood Press 1994 98 Pages
ISBN: 1872004520

The purpose of this book is to portray accurately the dress and equipment of the fighting ground troops of the United States Army, Marine Corps and, to a lesser extent. Navy during the Vietnam War. The reconstructional photographs and accompanying text chart the changing appearance of the soldiers, marines and sailors from the initial deployment, and before.to the final withdrawal a decade later. The figures in the latter part of this book, as well as presenting a vastly different appearance from those at the start, also reflect the changing attitudes towards the war.
The conflict in Vietnam is forever etched in many people's subconscious as a helicopter war; but though these remarkable aircraft would indeed come to symbolise America's presence more than any other single item of hardware, Vietnam was still, in essence, an infantryman's war. Whether Marine Corps riflemen. Air Cav troopers or Army Special Forces recondos, these infantrymen - volunteers and draftees alike - bore the brunt of the fighting. Operations were conducted in dense jungles, on steep hillsides and in flooded rice paddies; battles were fought in oppressive heat or chilling monsoon rains. The day-to-day existence of the front line infantryman was as miserable as in any other war; and, partly due to the advances being made in weapons systems, the combat load of the infantryman in Vietnam was often greater than in previous conflicts. Individual loads carried by Army and Marine infantry averaged between 50 and 60 lbs, and often far exceeded these weights. The term 'grunt', a new name for the infantryman, had its basis in these figures.

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