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Военная историяGerman Army, Navy Uniforms Insignia 1871-1918

German Army, Navy Uniforms Insignia 1871-1918

Автор:Коллектив авторов
Название: German Army, Navy Uniforms Insignia 1871-1918
Издательство: New-York
Год: 1968
Формат: PDF
Размер: 110Mb

THE military system of the ancient Germans was based on the then universal military service, nation and army being one, and the claim or duty of military service depending on the possession of landed property. The German youth, when from fourteen to fifteen years of age, was deemed fit to bear arms. He exercised early with bow and arrow, took part in the favorite game of the German lads of the period, to run at or throw them¬selves against sharp spears held by older men standing in rows, and trained body and eyes in such a manner that the quickness of the onset completely overcame the danger. The happiest day the youth experienced was, when the right to bear arms was granted to him by the National Assembly. He was then solemnly invested by one of the princes or by his father with sword, shield, and spear. This function was deemed the clothing of manhood ; henceforth the youth was entitled to go forth to battle, to take part in the doings of the popular assemblies, and take his share in the discussion of all public matters...

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