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Военная историяPFALZ D.XII

PFALZ D.XII (Windsock Datafile 41)
By Peter M. Grosz

Publisher: Albatros Productions Ltd 1993 40 Pages
ISBN: 0948414510

Following the D.III and D.IIIa, the only other Pfalz design to enjoy quantity production was the D.XII, a fighter destined to be overshadowed by its more famous contemporary the Fokker D.VII which it superficially resembled. There is little doubt that, suitably powered, the Pfalz D.XII would have emerged from the shadow of the D.VII had 'The Great War' continued into 1919. As author P M Grosz relates it was a sound machine, well designed and engineered.
At least four original D.XII fighters survive to this day and have in recent years been the subject of restoration and close study with extensive photographic documentation of structural design and detail. Some of this valuable material appears within these pages which, coupled with the author's extensive archive and contemporary reports, provide modellers with unprecedented documentation for this classic fighter.

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