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Военная историяFrench Bombers of World War II in Action

French Bombers of World War II in Action
French Bombers of World War II in Action (Aircraft Number 189)
By Alain Pelletier

Publisher: Squadron Signal Publications 2003 50 Pages
ISBN: 0897474589

On I April 1933, the French Army's Aeronautique Militaire (Military Aeronautics) was renamed the Arme'e de I'Air (Army of the Air; French Air Force). (This service became inde­pendent of ihc Army on 2 July 1934.) New French Air Minister Pierre Cot asked Armee de I'Air Chid'of Staff Central Victor Denain to prepare a five-year aircraft procurement plan in May of 1933. Plan d'Equipement I (Equipment Plan One) was intended to replace all aircraft in the Armee de I'Air inventory and had several technical objectives These included the wide­spread use of radio equipment and the introduction of high rate of fire automatically fed machine guns. Financial difficulties due to the Great Depression caused the Minister* de I'Air I Air Ministry! to postpone Plan I for the moment.

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