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Военная историяF-100 Super Sabre

F-100 Super Sabre
F-100 Super Sabre (Colors & Markings 21)
By David W. Menard

Publisher: Kalmbach Pub Co 1993 64 Pages
ISBN: 0890241937

This publication is volume 21 in the Colors & Mark mgs Series of aviation publications, and is intended to be a companion to volume 14, Colors & Markings of the F-100 Super Sabre, Part 1, Regular Air Force Fighter Wings. Both of these volumes were written by well-known F-100 expert, David W. Menard, and together they provide com­plete coverage of all F-100s in U. S. service. Part 1 covered all Regular Air Force fighter wings, and included some very rare color photographs of Super Sabres in their BC or "before camouflage" paint schemes.
In this new volume, Dave illustrates all of the Air Na­tional Guard units, training wings, and test and evaluation units that flew the F-100. Also included are F-100s in the markings of the Air Force Logistics Command, the Military Air Transport Service, the Thunderbirds flight demonstra­tion team, and NACA and NASA. Super Sabres in civil registry and some unusual one-of-a-kind F-100s are pictured as well. Rounding out this volume is a "post­script" illustrating the QF 100 drone aircraft.

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