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Военная историяBritish Infantry Equipments (1): 1808-1908

British Infantry Equipments (1): 1808-1908
British Infantry Equipments (1): 1808-1908 (Men-at-arms 107)
By Mike Chappell

Publisher: Os Publishing 1980 48 Pages
ISBN: 0850453747

The period covered by this book begins with the British infantryman entering the Peninsular War wearing the lethal knapsack equipment of the day, and ends with the introduction of the first equipment set made entirely of woven cotton webbing [the 1908 pattern described in the accompanying Men-at-Arms 108: British Infantry Equipments 1908-80]. Mike Chappel's detailed text presents an in-depth study of British infantry equipments from 1808-1908, in a volume complemented by plenty of illustrations and photographs, including eight full page colour plates by the author himself.

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