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Военная историяThe Best Of Windsock Datafile Volume 2 (Pfalz D-VII Anatra Halberstadt CL-IV)

The Best Of Windsock Datafile Volume 2 (Pfalz D-VII Anatra Halberstadt CL-IV)
The Best Of Windsock Datafile Volume 2 (Pfalz D-VII Anatra Halberstadt CL-IV)
By Ray Rimell

Publisher: Albatros 1991 40 Pages

As WINDSOCK International - The Journal for WW1 Aero­plane Enthusiasts and Modellers — enters its sixth year of publication it does so as interest in the aircraft and fliers of 'The Great War' continues to grow with the availability of new books, videos, model kits and related material on the subject increasing steadily. At the forefront of this 'renaissance' Albatros Productions is uniquely placed to provide a regular flow of archive and technical material to satisfy even the most demanding of readers. Our success with WINDSOCK DATA-FILES, the 26th title has just been published, and the bimonthly itself with its unrivalled colour content, photo archive and scale drawings introductions is reflected in the rapidly growing demand for earlier issues of both publications now long out of print. As a result 1991 sees the release of two lavish 'Specials', one on Albatros Fighters, the other on the Fokker Dr.l, to supersede earlier DATAFILE subjects and, of course, the booklet in your hands right now...
We published The Best of WIND-SOCK Volume One in 1988 and it was an immediate best-seller. Now here is Volume Two with selected material from the four 1986 issues of the original journal providing a comprehensive reference package of rare as well as popular WW1 types from the extraordinary AD Scout to the Russian Anatra. In addition we have included a brand new plans feature describing the attractive Pfalz monoplane fighters of 1916, ideal subjects for scale modellers with their simple structure and limited rigging.

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