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Военная историяAir War Over Korea: A Pictorial Record

Air War Over Korea: A Pictorial Record
Air War Over Korea: A Pictorial Record (SS 6035)
By Larry Davis

Publisher: Squadron/Signal Publications Inc 1982 96 Pages
ISBN: 0897471377

Korea - Land of the Morning Calm. On Sunday, 25 June 1950, the morn­ing calm was shattered by the roar of gunfire and clanking tank treads. It was the beginning of three years of conflict up and down the Korean Peninsula, over some of the most rugged terrain and through some of the most vicious weather in the world. On the ground the war would stalemate almost exactly where it had begun - along an imaginary border at the 38th Parallel. But in the air it was total victory for the United Nations forces, most notably the United States Fifth Air Force and naval air forces from U.S. Navy Task Force 77.

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