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Военная историяPanzer-Division In Russia

Panzer-Division In Russia
Panzer-Division In Russia (Armor At War 7047)
By Robert Michulec & John Healey

Publisher: Concord Publications 2004 72 Pages
ISBN: 9623610769

On 22 June 1941, the Wehrmacht with over three million soldiers attacked the Soviet Union. For the invasion the Panzerwaffe managed to field some 3,000 Panzers and were distributed among 19 Panzer-Divisions, 10 motorized infantry divisions, 4 motorized SS divisions, the motorized Grosdeutschland Regiment and a few independent assault gun units. Initially, the Panzer-Divisions achieved great success, however, the vast expanses of terrain its vehicles had to cover; and huge logistical problems, gave the commanders of the Panzer-Divisions serious difficulties, particularly when the winter arrived and the Russians put up stiff resistance. But still, the German factories were able to replace depleted armored vehicles at a steady rate. ......

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