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Военная историяThe Matilda Infantry Tank 1938-1945

The Matilda Infantry Tank 1938-1945
The Matilda Infantry Tank 1938-1945 (New Vanguard 8)
By David Fletcher, Peter Sarson

Publisher: Os Publishing 2002 48 Pages
ISBN: 1855324571

This is a excellent book detailing the devlopment, production, deployment and varients of the matilda tank, containing some rare pictures and detailed diagrams. Unfortunatly it is lacking in the details of combat missions by the tanks, such as the a12's causing massive problems for the german panzer amry in France.
If you have an interest in this tank or britsh tanks in general, this is the book for you. You will have a hard time getting the photos or diagrams elsewhere, the illusrations are top notch and comes with large camo schemes and plate information.

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