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Военная историяArms and Uniforms: Second World War (2)

Arms and Uniforms: Second World War (2)
Arms and Uniforms: Second World War (2)
By L. Funcken, F. Funcken

Publisher: Littlehampton Book Services Ltd 1975 128 Pages
ISBN: 0706350189

In the first of this series of four volumes devoted to the Second World War we explained why we had departed from following a strict chronology. We preferred instead to present to the reader a coherent picture within each book, rather than deal with each of the combatants at the point they entered the war, or divide the forces of the main nations into too many separate sections.
It would be impossible in the second of our volumes not to continue the fascinating story of the devel­opment of the German army, and we wanted also to devote a major part to the British army, which stood alone against the enemy in the dark days of 1940.
The fortunes of the war in the first years were determined by the resistance to the German Blitzkrieg, which brought into play the armoured divisions of the Allies, and the confrontation in the air of the RAF and the Luftwaffe. We have therefore also brought together in this volume the uniforms and arms of the men engaged in these heroic struggles.

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