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Военная историяHeinkel He 111 in action

Heinkel He 111 in action
Heinkel He 111 in action (Aircraft Number 184)
By George Punka, John Lowe

Publisher: Squadron/Signal Publications 2002 58 Pages
ISBN: 0897474465

In early 1932, the German airline Deutsche Lufthansa (DLH) sought a high-speed, small-capacity airliner for its domestic routes. The Ernst Heinkel AG (Aktiengesellschaft; Joint-Stock Company) responded to this requirement with the He 70 Blitz (Lightning), which first flew on 1 December 1932. This single-engine, all-metal monoplane with retracting undercarriage impressed DLH with its performance. Heinkel delivered 12 production He 70s to DLH. which placed the aircraft into commercial service on 15 June 1934.
After the He 70's successful entry into service, DLH decided to expand their air routes. It asked Heinkel to develop a new high-speed airliner, which accommodated ten passengers and a crew of two. Although most of the designers of the time would have chosen a three-engine aircraft for safety reasons, the Heinkel team put aerodynamic characteristics first and chose a twin-engine design for the He 111.

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