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Военная историяSupermarine Seafire - Griffon engined variants

Supermarine Seafire - Griffon engined variants
Supermarine Seafire - Griffon engined variants (Warpaint Series 20)
By W. A. Harrison

Publisher: Warpaint Books Ltd 2004 40 Pages

THE Griffon-engined Seafires were the final developments of the Spitfire family started in March 1936 with the first flight of the Supermarine Type 300. The ultimate Scafirc FR.47 was then a hundred mph faster, was powered by an engine delivering twice as much horsepower, and weighed in at about double its ancestor. Although too late to see service in World War 2, the later marks of Seafires proved invaluable to fill the gap from the disposal of the Lend-Lease American fighters to the arrival of the Hawker Sea Fury in August 1947. The Seafires were the only naval fighters available when the Royal Navy supported the British evacuation from Palestine, intervened in the Malayan insurrection and was involved in its first Korean deployment.

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