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Военная историяBreguet 14

Breguet 14
Breguet 14 (Windsock Datafile Special)
By Alan D. Toelle

Publisher: Albatros 2003 84 Pages
ISBN: 1902207610

The Breguet 14 is one of a class of subjects that consume researchers and writers. Indeed, the Breguet 14 reveals its secrets so grudgingly that the research can become its own end while the acts of writing and publishing remain perpetually unconsummated. However, seeing that my own research had reached a critical mass, I decided that it would now be appropriate to bring forward as much as possible and make it available to interested readers.
The focus of this study is the "wartime" Breguet 14 types - how did they look and what were their external differentiating features. For that to have any meaning, it is also necessary to understand production, manufactur­ing, and other elements. So 1 have included enough supplementary detailed information for the reader to place each part in its context. I regret that complete information is not available. I have attempted to be frank in pointing out those areas where I have made assumptions, hold opin­ions, or simply don't know. In this situation, I am again reminded of Robert Graves' historical commentary accompanying his controversial novel King Jesus. He said ". . . I undertake to my readers that every important element in my story is based on some tradition, however tenuous, and that I have taken more than ordinary pains to verify my historical background. These researches have taken me into uncom­fortably remote fields." Indeed, earlier writings on the Breguet 14 have largely recited factual information gleaned from a fairly limited body of reports and documents. But the scope of this study covers a part of the field that simply wasn't written down in so many words. The results are, therefore, a distillation or interpretation of informa­tion. The results are not what I have read or been told, but rather what I have observed. Much of it will be new to the reader.
The Breguet 14 was an important airplane, remaining in production and service long after the war.

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