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Военная историяPanzer IV/70

Panzer IV/70
Panzer IV/70 (Tank Power Vol. XXII 242)
By Janusz Ledwoch

Publisher: Wydawnictwo Militaria 2006 104 Pages
ISBN: 8372192421

At an early stage of the WW II German Panzerjager units were equipped mainly with towed or self-propelled guns based on obsolete tracked or half-tracked chassis.
The succes of Sturmgeschiitz HI/40 design in anti-tank role clearly showed what was needed: a low silhouette vehicle with a 7.5cm or 8.8cm anti­tank gun with a closed combat compartment and heavy armour. The new vehicle was known as the neu Sturmgeschiitz.
A pmject was started to resolve some shortco­mings found in the StuG assault gun. related to its use primarily in the anti-tank role. It was realised that such modifications of the StuG III. named neu Sturmgeschiitz could not be easy and would not be made quickly, by which time a new design could he ready.

Dual Polish and English text.

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