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Военная историяTotenkopf 1939-1943

Totenkopf 1939-1943
Totenkopf 1939-1943 (Tank Power 290)
By Jacek Solarz

Publisher: Wydawnictwo Militaria 2008 84 Pages
ISBN: 8372192901

Division "Totenkopf (the Death's Head Division) is considered as the most fanatic among all the units of the Waffen-SS. Its results mostly from the fact that a vast majority- of the SS men sening within its structures were recruited from among concentration camp guards unscrupu­lous, brutal and cruel people, totally devoted to Nazi ideology. Obviously, it does not mean that each soldier serving in the division was a natural born killer, but a mixture of intensive Nazi indoc­trination and mental immunity training from the camps deprived most of them of any human kind­ness toward the enemy. The division was finally formed after the Polish September Campaign, in October 1939. It was first used in combat on 19 May 1940. on the Western front, east of Cambrai. where it implemented its peculiar racial policy, executing the soldiers of French colonial forces who had been taken prisoners. Beginning from June 1941. its subunits were fighting on the Eastern Front, achieving considerable military success, but also committing numerous crimes and atrocities.
Dual Polish and English text.

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