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Военная историяKursk: The German View

Kursk: The German ViewНазвание: Kursk: The German View
Автор: Steven H. Newton
Издательство: Da Capo Press
Год: 2003
Страниц: 499
Формат: pdf в RAR
Размер: 5.14МБ
Качество: отличное (OCR)
Язык: английский
Firsthand accounts of the German commanders who planned and executed the largest tank battle in history.
The battle of Kursk, fought in the summer of 1943, involved six thousand German and Soviet armored vehicles, making it the biggest tank battle of all time and possibly the largest battle of any kind. Students of military history have long recognized the importance of Kursk, also known as "Operation Citadel," and there have been several serious studies of the battle. Yet, the German view of the battle has been largely ignored.
After the war, U.S. Army Intelligence officers gathered German commanders' post-war reports of the battle. Due, in part, to poor translations done after the war, these important documents have been overlooked by World War II historians. Steven H. Newton has collected, translated, and edited these accounts, including reports made by the Chiefs of Staff of Army Group South and the Fourth Panzer Army, and by the Army Group Center Operations Officer. As a result, a new and unprecedented picture of German strategy and operations is made available. The translated staff reports are supplemented by Newton's commentary and original research, which challenges a number of widely accepted ideas about this pivotal battle.

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